Benefits Of PACE For Regulatory Boards

The primary offering of the PACE chiropractic continuing education program is confidence in course quality. Each PACE recognized program offered in the chiropractic continuing education catalog is assessed by postgraduate chiropractic education and regulatory review experts. These experts are responsible for evaluating the provider’s ability and willingness to comply with stringent PACE criteria and for conducting retrospective course reviews to ensure continued compliance. Additionally, representatives participate in on-site audits to ensure quality control and course integrity.

Through the streamlined PACE chiropractic continuing education requirements, regulatory boards no longer need to deal with stacks of course applications. PACE providers have already been reviewed for compliance with PACE standards. Additionally, regulatory boards save money and time otherwise spent assessing applications from reliable, quality providers. Furthermore, PACE has the flexibility to accommodate new technologies in attendance verification, allowing providers to use an efficient system that meets PACE quality standards.