Benefits Of PACE For Education Providers

The full suite of benefits offered through PACE continues into the chiropractic continuing education providers sector. PACE not only reduces the workload that CE provider staff spends handling continuing education approval applications, but there is a significant cost saving of between $10 – $30K per CE provider. PACE provides uniform criteria, filling the gap of resources that regulatory boards face trying to establish standards or expertise to assess the continuing education curriculum objectively, which has historically led to an inconsistent review of system processes. The uniformity of PACE enables Reputable providers to qualify for PACE approval easily. Its application process automates course approval for qualifying programs and professional credibility.

PACE provides a web-based, searchable database on the FCLB website that is easy to navigate and includes all the information needed for board re-licensure requirements. The system allows for search of courses by date, topic, geographic region, or instructor. The PACE system archives all participation information for attendance verification, which can then be sent to regulatory boards for each license. Overall, PACE provides the chiropractic profession with improved continuing education credit offerings, better-trained professionals, presentation of current topics, increased quality assurance and credibility, and enhanced professional standing among peers.