Regulatory Boards

PACE Acceptance by boards is defined as recognizing the criteria of PACE as sufficient to meet board standards so that PACE-Recognized providers may receive CE course credit approval without individual course application and fee submission. Note that specific subjects or formats (such as online programs) may be prohibited by board statute, rule, or regulation. 

Board Year of adoption; regulatory reference
Alaska Adopted 2005; Statute 12AAC 16.340
Connecticut  Adopted 2017; Board Policy
District of Columbia Adopted 2016; Rule 17-480731
Idaho Adopted 2005; Board Policy
Indiana Adopted 2008; Board Policy per Indiana Code 25-1, Chapter 4-0.5
Iowa Adopted 2012; Board Policy per Iowa Administrative Rule 645-44.3 (1)
Kansas Adopted 2006; Board Policy #06-02
Maine Adopted 2006; Board Policy 
Maryland Adopted 2014; Regulation
Massachusetts Adopted 2006; Regulation 233 CMR 3.00
Minnesota Adopted 2006; Board Policy per Rule 2500.1500
Montana Adopted 2006; Rule 24.126.2105 (1)
Nebraska Adopted 2012; Regulation Title 172, 29-006.2B, Item 4
Nevada Adopted 2014; Nevada Code 634.385
New Hampshire Adopted 2020; Ch. 404.01 (c) 1 d
New Jersey Adopted 2014; Regulation 13:44E-1A.5(c)
North Carolina Adopted 2006; Board Policy 5-19-2006
North Dakota Adopted 2007; Board Policy
Ohio Adopted 2013; Regulation 4734-7-02
Oregon Adopted 2006; 811-015-0025
Rhode Island Adopted 2015; Board Policy (reference 10/22/2015 Meeting Minutes)
South Carolina Adopted 2006; Regulation 25-5 B (3)
South Dakota Adopted 2006; Regulation 20:41:08:01
Tennessee Adopted 2014; Board Policy 2/20/2014, updated 2/27/2017 - click for details
Utah Adopted 2009; Regulation 156-73-303b (1) (b) (iv)
Vermont Adopted 2006; Regulation 5.10 (d)
Virginia Adopted 2015; Board Policy per Regulation 85-20-235 
Washington  Adopted 2017; Board Policy 10/12/2017 
Wyoming Adopted 2013; Rules chapter 4, section 3
Puerto Rico Adopted 2005; Reglamento Educacion Continea, 2005
Nova Scotia Adopted 2005; Board Policy 9-1-2005
PACE Precheck Boards: Offers a streamlined, independent application process for PACE Providers.  Forms are available under the precheck tab.
Alabama  Uses PACE Precheck - just check the PACE box in Alabama's online application.
ArizonaUses a PACE Precheck form
Florida Uses a PACE Precheck form for ONLINE CE only
Georgia Uses a PACE Precheck form
Kentucky Uses a PACE Precheck form
Louisiana  Uses PACE Precheck - streamlined application process via the LA board
New Mexico  Uses a PACE Precheck form.  Additional restrictions - please see this policy statement.   PLEASE NOTE - CREDIT IS BASED ON TOTAL NUMBER OF MINUTES SPENT IN EDUCATION - 60 MINUTES PER HOUR.
Oklahoma  Uses a PACE Precheck form
Texas Uses a PACE Precheck form for Chiropractic Colleges ONLY
Boards that do not require pre-approval for CE programs