PACE Credits

Audits are a significant offering of PACE to regulatory boards. The PACE system is set up to deliver immediate verification through the FCLB CIN-BAD system. This saves the regulatory board time and money spent contacting individual chiropractors to verify the completion of required continuing education credits.

One of the most attractive benefits for regulatory boards is the retention of authority. Regulatory boards are part of the FCLB, and decision-makers are elected to these positions. This ensures a continued voice in the evolution of the PACE governing of documents and protocols. This creates a balance of power and authority, with PACE not being the only approval process available. Boards maintain their authority and choose to implement PACE as a means of delegating some of the workload associated with that authority.

PACE is a multi-layer program that relies on the participation of regulatory board members, ACC colleges, and licensing board administrators. However, the FCLB Board of Directors (elected by regulatory members) is ultimately responsible for determining PACE approval.