Documents & Downloads

Arizona CE Approval Decision Tree

Is your CE eligible for Arizona approval? Double check here!

CE Rules by Jurisdiction

A shortcut handbook for PACE Providers - how to get CE approved in every US jurisdiction and with FCLB's Canadian members as well. Also includes prohibited, allowed, required subjects and special considerations to maintain compliance with each state or province. (BE PATIENT; IT'S A BIG FILE AND TAKES A FEW SECONDS TO LOAD)

Continuing Education Glossary

New to the jargon of CE? Here's a quick crash course in common CE terms like what's the difference between a statute and a regulation? Or what is an asynchronous course and how is that different that distance online? Or, how exactly does PACE define prohibited Practice Management content?

Course Upload Instructions

Instructions for CE providers on how to post your course information to PACE

PACE Application Workbook

Preview the application for becoming a PACE Recognized Provider and get some ideas for completing it.

PACE Governing Documents

The governing documents for the PACE program, the Polices & Procedures outline how the program is run while the Criteria specify what Recognized Providers must do to comply.

Summary of 25 PACE Criteria

A brief overview of the 25 standards continuing education providers must comply with to earn and maintain PACE Recognition