CE Credit Reports

If you've taken a course from a PACE provider, you can track, save, and print a report!


If you already have a password, just click here to log in

(please note that it may take 30-60 days for credits to be posted. If you have questions, please call (970) 356-3500 or email pace@fclb.org)

First time users will need to set up a password. You'll just need the email address you used when registering for your course. Click here to set up or reset your password.

If you get an error message after entering your email address, please contact us at (970) 356-3500 or email pace@fclb.org


Once you have logged in, click the Account tab to view your FCLB account information, then click Education Credits in the left menu.


Click "Download Transcript" to save your CE records on your device.

Please note that PACE providers have 30 days to submit attendance records, so more current course information may not be immediately available.


Minnesota: dawn.johnson@state.mn.us

Nevada: cpbn@chirobd.nv.gov *When submitting PACE attendance to Nevada for license renewal, use code NV22-000.

New Mexico: chiropractic.board@state.nm.us

North Dakota: contact@ndsbce.org

Ohio - Please, only send verifications upon board request. OSCB.ChiroBd@chr.state.oh.us

South Dakota: sdbce@iw.net

Tennessee: ChiroCE.Health@tn.gov