About PACE

PACE and the FCLB's Mission

To Protect the Public:

  • Promotes quality CE
  • Helps D.C.s connect with scientifically sound, reliable education
  • Effective CE helps D.C.s remain current

To Serve Our Member Boards:

  • Reduces onerous paperwork and review processes
  • Provides reliable reports on relicensure requirement fulfillment


The FCLB Board of Directors is considering amendments to the PACE governing documents.

In accordance with PACE Policy 5 (see below) which outlines the procedures for amending these documents, the proposed amendments are posted in the documents section of this website.

A forum for discussion will be provided at the FCLB annual meeting and written comments may be submitted to pace@fclb.org.

The FCLB Board of Directors will vote to adopt or reject the amendments during the 2021 annual meeting of the FCLB.

  • Policy 5: Amending PACE Governing Documents 
  • Policy 14: Enforcement of PACE Requirements
  • Criterion 13: Faculty and Staff
  • Criterion 23: Distance Learning


Under ordinary circumstances, a proposed amendment to either PACE Criteria for Quality Continuing Education or PACE Policies & Procedures shall be submitted to the FCLB Board of Directors, which shall publish the proposal at least 30 days before the FCLB’s next annual meeting, invite written comment and provide a forum for discussion at the meeting. At the following year’s annual meeting, the FCLB Board of Directors shall vote to adopt or reject the proposed amendment.

In the event of an emergency, the Criteria and Policies & Procedures may be amended with the unanimous consent of all currently recognized providers and the consent of two-thirds of the FCLB Board of Directors and two-thirds of the PACE Committee.