Vitality: Management of Common Clinical Syndromes
By: Northwestern Health Sciences University

Course Description

In this12-Hourcourse, professor, and research expert Dr. Dan Murphy DC, DABCO will advocate optimizing structure and function through a poly-therapeutic intervention program that develops superior clinical outcomes. Dr. Murphy, DC will succinctly drive home key concepts. Topics range from Chiropractic care, laser therapy, ATP, mitochondrial function, diet, exercise, brain health, low back pain and state-of-the-art technologies tailor-made for expert chiropractic care by managing common clinical syndromes. This course provides attendees with the highest-level education validated through extensive scientific research and proven techniques Dr. Dan Murphy, DC has perfected through not only running his full-time practice but how he lives his daily life.

Course Details

  • Vitality: Management of Common Clinical Syndromes
  • By:    Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Instructor:    Dan Murphy
  • Total CE Hours:    12
  • Course Format:     Live In Person Seminar
  • Course Start:    12/02/2023   07:00am
  • Course End:    12/03/2023   12:15pm
  • Time Zone:    Central
  • Location State:    Illinois
  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Adjunctive/Modalities  -1 CE Hours
    • Anatomy  -7 CE Hours
    • Nutrition  -2 CE Hours
    • Philosophy  -2 CE Hours
  •    Course Outline