Step-By-Step Success: An Implementation Strategy for Compliant Documentation
By: American Chiropractic Association

Course Description

This presentation will focus on: Transitioning ALL of your patients to episodic care Active vs. Maintenance, no matter "how many visits they have on their plan." Documenting to carrier guidelines and stop guessing what they want which is what many docs do. DELETING the 'noise' from your notes. Function, function, function: Making sure assessment tools, scores, deficiencies, and goals are IN YOUR NOTES. Your EHR: the importance of having UPDATED macros, make sure you are using them properly, EHR retraining, and making your EHR work for you. Crucial elements of the "PLAN": Documenting "Arc of care" AND. "today's" care. Staff who provide services: timing, signatures, credentials. STEP-BY-STEP SUCCESS: AN IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY FOR COMPLIANT DOCUMENTATION is NOT a documentation workshop. It is an IMPLEMENTATION workshop. It is taking that information, and breaking it down into manageable single topics that a doc can focus on and address one at a time, one week at a time 

Learning Objectives: 

1. Identify and understand where the deficiencies in their documentation.

 2. Recognize how to "reframe" their mindset, from fear to INFORMED. And to make compliant documentation a PRIORITY from a place of empowerment, not panic. 

3. Communicate more effectively with patients about their role in compliant care, and be clear about what 'medically necessary' care is. 

4. Propose significant steps towards being confident in their documentation, and feel less overwhelmed as they continue on their evolving journey of compliance.

Course Details

  • Step-By-Step Success: An Implementation Strategy for Compliant Documentation
  • By:    American Chiropractic Association
  • Instructor:    Ellen Fitzenrider, DC
  • Total CE Hours:    1
  • Course Format:     Online Distance Learning
  • Course Categories:     Board-Mandated Remediation
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Documentation  -1 CE Hours