Restorative Medicine Herbal Certification
By: Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM)

Course Description

Program Overview The Restorative Medicine Herbal Certification program is a modern herb course designed for chiropractors and other physicians who want to improve clinical outcomes. Eight clinically-oriented modules will cover the following systems for applying herbs: foundations of herbal medicine; herbs for endocrinology; cardiology and metabolic syndrome; mitochondrial function; neurology and neurotransmitters; immunology; oncology; and gastroenterology. The program was created by AARM, applying their 16 years of experience in providing CE education in integrative medicine.  Email for more info. Herb experts and clinicians will share real case studies and deliver botanical medicine treatment concepts that are proven to get results in the real world. Participants will learn about drug, herb, and nutrient interactions, and will gain confidence in herbal safety and contraindications based on real life scenarios. Who Should Attend: The Restorative Medicine Herbal Certification program fills an existing gap in botanical medicine education, targeted for practitioners whose medical education did not include herbs. Medical doctors, nurse practitioners and chiropractors are among those who will benefit from this course. Functional medicine practitioners- we’ve been told that this is the missing piece to complete your education! How it Works: The 12 month course offers 60 CE credits (and a total of 80 hours of learning). Enrollment includes the 2019 Annual Restorative Medicine Conference in San Diego, CA (September 12-15, 2019); the 2020 Spring Herb Conference held online due to the Covid 19 restrictions (May 14- 16, 2020); as well as live webinars, on-demand recordings and journal articles if completed by 2/29/20. Faculty Courses are presented by experts in their field, who have both extensive herb knowledge and clinical experience. The faculty is diverse, including MDs, NDs, PhDs, and DCs- in order to bring a balanced perspective from various viewpoints.

Course Details

  • Restorative Medicine Herbal Certification
  • By:    Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM)
  • Instructor:    Diverse faculty includes Charis Lindrooth, DC, Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Geo Espinosa, ND and many other experts.
  • Total CE Hours:    60
  • Course Format:    
  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Nutrition  -60 CE Hours