Precision and Personalized Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine for the Clinician
By: SideCar, LLC

Course Description

Medicine has long sought to match diagnostic and treatment approaches to the particular needs and risks of individual patients. The decreasing cost and increasing ease of genetic sequencing, advanced cardiovascular labs, and noninvasive testing have propelled the rise of precision and personalized medicine. Personalized and precision medicine aims to use genetics and other information to provide care tailored to the individual patient, to improve clinical outcomes, and minimize unnecessary diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

 Key Clinical Takeaways

 • Infinite insults to the CV system result in 3 finite responses to the artery: inflammation, oxidative stress, and vascular immune function, which lead to endothelial dysfunction, vascular dysfunction and structural disease, CHD, and CHF.

 • Endothelial dysfunction is the earliest marker and predictor of future CHD. • The cardiovascular system is an innocent bystander to the correct defensive response to these infinite insults that become chronically deregulated.

 • CV medicine is a process as are other “diseases,” and all are interrelated within a metabolic systems biology approach.

 • Start early detection with the evaluation of biomarkers, expanded advanced CHD risk factor analysis, micronutrient testing, risk scoring systems, CV genetics, gene expression testing, and noninvasive and invasive cardiovascular testing. • There is a continuum of risk with all CHD risk factors.

 • Begin aggressive, scientifically proven nutrition, nutraceutical supplements, and medications for the prevention and treatment of CHD and CHF

Course Details

  • Precision and Personalized Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine for the Clinician
  • By:    SideCar, LLC
  • Instructor:    Mark C. Houston, MD, MS, MSc, FACP, FAHA, FASH, FACN, ABAARM, FAARM, DABC
  • Total CE Hours:    3.5
  • Course Format:     Online Distance Learning
  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Nutrition  -3.5 CE Hours