Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR)
By: Fetterman Events

Course Description

Join us to learn the muscle energy technique, Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR) technique.

This technique utilizes an isometric contractual phase followed by gentle stretching of the same muscle and is commonly used for treating muscle tension and joint dysfunction in myofascial pain syndromes.

Course Details

  • Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR)
  • By:    Fetterman Events
  • Instructor:    Rick Carter, D.C.
  • Total CE Hours:    2
  • Course Format:     Live Webinar
  • Course Start:    06/11/2021   08:00am
  • Course End:    06/11/2021   10:00pm
  • Time Zone:    Central
  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Corrective/Therapeutic Exercise  -2 CE Hours
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