Patient Care in Radiography for the DC
By: DConline

Course Description

This six-hour course discusses the methods available to the doctor of chiropractic to obtain quality x-ray images and to reduce patient exposure to radiation from x-ray. The course is designed to provide Chiropractors with current information on x-ray production, patient protection and procedures related to producing quality radiographs in the chiropractic office. The learner’s activities and actual course time is tracked electronically. The learner is engaged in this distance-based class by the use of interactive teaching tools.

Course Details

  • Patient Care in Radiography for the DC
  • By:    DConline
  • Instructor:    Dr. Cliff Tao
  • Total CE Hours:    6
  • Course Format:     Online Distance Learning
  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • X-ray / MRI  -6 CE Hours
  •    Course Outline