Pain Management & Mobility
By: Fetterman Events

Course Description

Dr. Hayes will take you through the current pain methods of MDs and DOs and the impact they really have on patients. You will learn the current research and theories on pain management and some very innovative things you can do as chiropractors to control pain.

We will explore ways to control blood pressure, COPD, ED, Arthritis & joint pain, Functional Dyspepsia, IBS and more.

You will come out of this class with a better understanding of and more ways to alleviate and control the pain your patients are experiencing, and some of the major conditions that your patients have that can be treated successfully in your practice..

Course Details

  • Pain Management & Mobility
  • By:    Fetterman Events
  • Instructor:    Brad Hayes, D.C.
  • Total CE Hours:    12
  • Course Format:     Live In Person Seminar
  • Course Start:    12/02/2023   08:00am
  • Course End:    12/02/2023   08:00pm
  • Time Zone:    Central
  • Location State:    Wisconsin
  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Pain Management  -12 CE Hours
  •    Course Outline