Outcomes Assessment Tools for Motor Vehicle Injuries
By: American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries (AAMVI)

Course Description

Add expertise to your practice and improve your ability to diagnose, evaluate, and treat conditions found in motor vehicle injuries. This 15 hour module will focus on accepted outcomes assessment tools as a means to document progress. This will include: How to score each questionnaire, What those scores mean, and When to use each of these. We will also analyze the wording of the questions to further understand what is being addressed and how that will lead to additional diagnoses. Course Purpose and Objective Purpose: To explain the importance of outcomes assessment tools, OATS in documenting motor vehicle injuries Objective: Give the provider additional tools to document improvement or failure to improve. Summary General Questionnaires: This section will focus on the more commonly used questionnaires that are most helpful in understanding a new patient’s injuries and how they have been affected by them. Spinal Questionnaires: Since most motor vehicle injuries include spinal trauma this section will again address the questionnaires and individual questions. Attention will also be given to scoring these and what changes in those score mean to the practitioner. Extremity Questionnaires: This section will focus on extremity tools again emphasizing how to score each and how to interpret the scores. Concussion Questionnaires: These vary from most others so this section will focus on those differences along with what the finding mean to diagnosing, treating, and determining the need for referral.

Course Details

  • Outcomes Assessment Tools for Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • By:    American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries (AAMVI)
  • Instructor:    Dr. Bill Gallagher
  • Total CE Hours:    15
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  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education, Board-Mandated Remediation
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Documentation  -15 CE Hours