Neck and Back Pain: Structure and Function - a Home Study Course
By: Structure & Function Education

Course Description

You know that structure and function are related, however it can be difficult to reconcile both approaches. Being able to create both structural and functional diagnoses is key to a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

We know structure dictates function and vice versa. The way this concept relates to neck and back pathology is crucial to understand, as we explore concepts that reach far beyond the musculoskeletal system considerations.

This home study course will focus on the physiology of the Neck and Back - essentially, how does our patient's structure dictate their function, and how does their function dictate their structure? How can our patient's structures and functions work together for optimal performance and recovery? This course will cover issues related to Spine Structure and Posture, Postural Imbalance, Breathing and the Role of the Diaphragm, and Interconnections in Structure.

Are you dealing with patients who experience neck and back pain?

Neck and back pain are so multi-factorial, even just from a musculoskeletal perspective. When we begin to consider these diagnoses from a neurological and visceral perspective, it can complicate matters even more. However, these additional perspectives can help simplify as well.

Do you want to learn ways to improve your results with understanding neck and back pain?

  • Learn how structure and function are inter-related
  • Learn how adding a neurological and visceral perspective into your differential diagnosis can help improve both evaluation and treatment approaches
  • Learn how posture and breathing relate to the neck and back

Learn about…

  • How our spinal structure dictates our function
  • How our diaphragm dictates spinal function and contributes to back pathology
  • How posture and breathing go hand in hand
  • How our anatomy is interconnected

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  • Neck and Back Pain: Structure and Function - a Home Study Course
  • By:    Structure & Function Education
  • Instructor:    Sue Falsone, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT
  • Total CE Hours:    3
  • Course Format:     Online Distance Learning
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