Level 1 Endurance Running Coach
By: RunDNA

Course Description

Current run coaching models place a large emphasis on the performance aspect of run training. While performance and fitness gains are an essential component, the quickest way to make gains in either area are through consistent training based on scientific principles that are personalized to a runner. Many of the injuries experienced by runners, upwards of 60%, are related to training load errors. These errors are typical seen in progressing training too fast, too much, or too frequently.

This course focuses on scientific based training principles incorporated into a systematic approach to individualizing training plans to runners. Central to the course will be a scientifically backed method for quantifying training load through the use of Rate of Perceived Exertion and Acute to Chronic Workload Ratios.

Course participants will also learn about exercise science principles, coaching philosophy, annual training plans, workout design, and event-specific training principles. All of these elements will be put into a systematic approach to allow for personalization of run training to get excellent results.

Course Details

  • Level 1 Endurance Running Coach
  • By:    RunDNA
  • Instructor:    Douglas Adams
  • Total CE Hours:    7.5
  • Course Format:     Online Distance Learning
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