Lateral Cervical Reliability CBP®NP #1, Cervical Compression Extension Traction CBP®NP #2
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Course Description

Overview of Lateral Cervical Reliability CBP #1 Understanding the need for radiographic measurement of the lateral cervical curve and sagittal cervical posture is a primary objective. Both inter and intra examiner reliability assessment of the methods need to be performed and only methods with good to excellent examiner reliability should be used in clinical practice. The cerivcal lordosis should be measured at all segmental levels and total angle of curvature. The need and method for measurement of sagittal plane translation will also be presented and understood. The Harrison posterior tangent method for lateral cervical radiographic measurement was found to have good to excellent examiner reliability. Cervical Compression Extension Traction CBP #2 The details of the design a non-randomized clinical control trial are discussed. This type of study design represents a good model to study a practice--clinical based patient outcome as patients are allocated by choice to 1 of several groups: 1 a true control group representing natural history of the cervical curve and condition over time, 2 a treatment group receiving standard chiropractic adjustments to see their effect on improving the cervical curvature, and 3 a study group receiving standard chiropractic adjustments plus the addition of extension compression traction to restore the cervical lordosis. Practitioners will learn the ins and outs of extension compression traction including proper selection of patients, contra-indications, protocol for administering, and frequency and duration of the method.

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  • Lateral Cervical Reliability CBP®NP #1, Cervical Compression Extension Traction CBP®NP #2
  • By:    WebExercises Academy
  • Instructor:    Deed E. Harrison, D.C.,
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    • Adjustive Technique  -1 CE Hours