Knee Pain: Don’t Blame it on the Knee
By: WebExercises Academy

Course Description

Traditional training and rehab programs for knee pain myopically only treat the pain, however very rarely is the knee to blame when knee pain occurs. This workshop will discuss knee pain from the context that the site of the pain isn’t the cause of the pain, and will provide strategies to assess, rehab and recondition the knee within the paradigm of integrated movement and motor control.Learning objectives:Understand knee anatomy and the interrelatedness to the foot and hip from a joint by joint approachComprehend it’s probably not the knee’s fault when the knee hurtsDiscuss assessment strategies to create program design to improve knee functionDuration: 51 minutes

Course Details

  • Knee Pain: Don’t Blame it on the Knee
  • By:    WebExercises Academy
  • Instructor:    Adam Wolf, PT, LMT
  • Total CE Hours:    1
  • Course Format:     Online Distance Learning
  • Course Categories:     Chiropractic Assistants, DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Differential/Physical Diagnosis  -1 CE Hours