Empowering the Chiropractic Treatment
By: Fetterman Events

Course Description

This program will enhance the doctor’s awareness of consciousness and science as it relates to treating the nervous system and the patient. The doctor will know more fully the relationship between the nervous system and various functions throughout the body including: proprioception, reflexes, the aberrant nervous system, the neurological system and mechanisms that work with function in order to better treat his patients.

It is through your nervous system that your true potential is fueled.

The nervous system influences whatever it can control. This involves glandular function (hormones & immunity), digestion, elimination, movement, as well as thought and emotion. These functions are vital for our health.

UNFORTUNATELY, most of our nervous systems have themselves been influenced by forces and information that they were unable to process efficiently; this has led to dysfunction. Many people experience this dysfunction as tension in their body/mind relationship or other dysfunctions such as problems with digestion, hormone imbalances, and even circulatory problems. Without our nervous systems processing force and information efficiently, these excesses and deficiencies occur among organs and tissues of the body.

These imbalances alter vital capacity and affect the ability to express our ideal self. Join us to learn profound ways to clear your nervous system so that you reach your potential as a Chiropractor and be able to read and treat your patients with more awareness. .

Course Details

  • Empowering the Chiropractic Treatment
  • By:    Fetterman Events
  • Instructor:    Steve Cox, D.C.
  • Total CE Hours:    12
  • Course Format:     Live Webinar
  • Course Start:    08/26/2023   08:00am
  • Course End:    08/26/2023   08:00pm
  • Time Zone:    Central
  • Course Categories:     Chiropractic Assistants, DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Adjunctive/Modalities  - CE Hours
    • Mental Health  -7 CE Hours
    • Pain Management  - CE Hours
    • Pathology  -2 CE Hours
    • Risk Management  - CE Hours
    • Wellness/Supportive Care  -3 CE Hours
  •    Course Outline