Deep Dive into SOT® Category 3
By: Sacro Occipital Research Society International

Course Description


Deep Dive into SOT® Category 3

DATE: June 15, 2024

TIME: 1 pm Eastern

1 CE Credit Available


1 CE Credit – $10

AVAILABLE CE STATES: AK, CT, DC, ID, IN, IA, KS, ME, MD, MA, MN, MO, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NC, ND, OH, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, UT, VT, VA, WA, WY, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Nova Scotia


Title: Deep dive cat3

Description: cat 3 can heal patients that can’t get well anywhere else. Help these severe cases avoid surgery. We will learn the basics of Cat 3, plus truly understanding Lovett Brother technique and orthopedic blocking. Learn how decompress, exercises and nutrition help them to recover.
This knowledge has built my practice by giving patients their life back. They in turn referred hundreds of more patients just like them.


Dr. Kennedy is a mother and a wife of a wonderful little boy and girl, Marco and Giuliana, and a fantastic husband, Bryan. When Dr. Kennedy is not spending time with her family, she can be found jogging or studying chiropractic. Prior to becoming a Chiropractor Dr. Kennedy, spent fifteen years performing massage at world-class resort spas across the country. Dr. Kennedy’s years of massage brings confidence to her touch.

Your relief is most important to us. Chocked off nerves can be damaging over a long period of time. At Enhanced Living we can care for you with little pressure and force, in order to get your nervous system working again. Most people experience reduced pain, some can even notice after visiting the office that other symptoms go away (allergies, headaches, etc.). This is why we know that chiropractic is not only good for back pain and posture, but it is also good for your life.

The techniques Dr. Kennedy uses allows for gentle, accurate adjusting every time. When getting adjusted, some people know chiropractors “crack” and “pop” their back. The “cracks” and “pop” heard by means of a chiropractic adjustment is only one way you can determine a bone has moved. The “cracks” and “pop” are not always heard since it is only a gas exchange between the tissues in the joint space. We use the palpation of spastic muscles, muscle testing and range of motion to determine if the adjustment has been made. X-rays also maybe necessary for proper identification spinal function

Course Details

  • Deep Dive into SOT® Category 3
  • By:    Sacro Occipital Research Society International
  • Instructor:    Nina Kennedy, DC, CP
  • Total CE Hours:    1
  • Course Format:     Live Webinar
  • Course Start:    06/15/2024   01:00pm
  • Course End:    06/15/2024   02:00pm
  • Time Zone:    Eastern
  • Course Categories:     Chiropractic Assistants, DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Adjustive Technique  -1 CE Hours