COVID-19 Staff Education: Preparing the Clinic Support Staff for Work in the COVID-19 Environment
By: DConline

Course Description

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to unprecedented disruption around the world, including the healthcare industry. The only expected piece is that change will occur at a fast pace with huge impacts across the broad spectrum of healthcare and everyday life. The scale of COVID-19 impact has caused changes to all of our everyday personal and workplace lives. We can get wrapped up in the chaos if we do not properly prepare, plan and manage to the new infectious disease world. We are going to get through this pandemic. Humanity has proven over and over again that the human body is resilient and adaptive to challenges.Humans have been battling viruses with our natural immunity defenses since we have been on earth. For most viral pathogens our body deals with the infection and we may not even know we were infected. All these virus busting mechanisms have allowed us to keep infections from spreading widely, and have helped sick people recover. For one disease — smallpox — we've been able to eradicate it, ridding the world of new cases.The plethora of information about COVID-19 is sometimes helpful, sometimes wrong and occasionally damaging. How do we sort all this information out? One way to clear the fog is through an effective training program. Evidence guided education can be an important asset to planning, preparing and preventing infectious disease in ambulatory healthcare settings. In this course we will address an evidence guided approach to engaging staff in increased awareness about COVID-19. We will talk about key elements of a COVID-19 training in response to the many questions we face to create a safe working environment.This course is intended for the healthcare provide team HCP. HCP include, but are not limited to, clinical support personnel, chiropractic assistants, nurses, chiropractic physicians, technicians, therapists, students, trainees, contractual staff not employed by the healthcare facility, and persons not directly involved in patient care, but who could be exposed to infectious agents that can be transmitted in the healthcare setting e.g., clerical, laundry, security, engineering and facilities management, administrative, billing, and volunteer personnel.

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  • COVID-19 Staff Education: Preparing the Clinic Support Staff for Work in the COVID-19 Environment
  • By:    DConline
  • Instructor:    William J Moreau DC DACBSP FACSM
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    • Communicable Diseases  -1 CE Hours