Correlative Case Studies in Sports Chiropractic
By: DConline

Course Description

This 12.5-hour course will provide the Doctor of Chiropractic with current information and practical skills relating to the chiropractic assessment and management of athletes. the patient with extremity sports injuries. The presentation emphasizes the motor skills required to perform physical examinations, and related adjustive techniques for sports related extremity conditions and didactic synthesis of case studies. The course emphasizes and utilizes case studies and hands-on-learning of the techniques used with commonly encountered conditions in the athletic population. Specific topics include special populations in sport, concussion, shoulder instability, knee trauma, ankle sprain, compartment syndromes, hip injuries, elbow tendinopathies, wrist and hand injuries.

Course Details

  • Correlative Case Studies in Sports Chiropractic
  • By:    DConline
  • Instructor:    Perry Williams, DC, DACBSP
  • Total CE Hours:    13
  • Course Format:     Live In Person Seminar
  • Course Start:    10/16/2020   05:30pm
  • Course End:    10/18/2020   05:00pm
  • Time Zone:    Western
  • Location State:    
  • Course Categories:    
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Differential/Physical Diagnosis  -6 CE Hours
    • History and Exam  -6 CE Hours
    • Sports Medicine  -13 CE Hours
  •    Course Outline