Chronic Whiplash Case Report CBP®NP #7, Chronic LBP and Leg Pain CBP®NP #8
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Course Description

Chronic Whiplash Case Report CBP #7The clinician will understand that chronic pain following motor vehicle crash events is more common that often realized. The literature to date has identified that loss of the cervical curvature, kyphotic cervical spines, and forward head translation create a situation of increased probability for chronic pain. Proper rehabilitation of the cervical curvature and forward head posture should be pursued when these variables are outside of normal limits and they are identified to be influencing the patient’s condition. Proper documentation needs to include a range of motion assessment, grip strength measurement, neck disability index, numerical pain scores, posture photographs, and spine radiography.Chronic LBP and Leg Pain CBP #8The attendee will learn that loss of the lumbar lordosis and posterior thoracic translation can be complicating factors that give rise to symptomatology in lumbo-sacral nerve root pathology. The analysis of a retro-listhesis as a complicating factor for lumbo-sacral radiculopathy is also discussed. Proper rehabilitation strategies, when indicated, should include assessment and correction of sagittal plane spine deformities as they related to low back and leg pain. Finally, the attendee will understand that lumbar extension traction methods are not contraindicated in selected cases with L5-S1 disc herniations.

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  • Chronic Whiplash Case Report CBP®NP #7, Chronic LBP and Leg Pain CBP®NP #8
  • By:    WebExercises Academy
  • Instructor:    Deed E. Harrison, D.C
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