Acupuncture for Headaches
By: AC Chiro Hours

Course Description

In this chiropractic CE course, discover various types of headaches in depth from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. The chiropractor will dive deep into symptoms for each type of headache, acupuncture points, TCM Patterns, herbal formulas and their actions, lifestyle suggestions, and more. Lastly, enhance your knowledge on the benefits of auricular acupuncture, cupping, and moxibustion for headaches.

Course Details

  • Acupuncture for Headaches
  • By:    AC Chiro Hours
  • Instructor:    H.Amer
  • Total CE Hours:    5
  • Course Format:     Online Distance Learning
  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education
  • Course Subjects | CE HOURS:
    • Acupuncture  -5 CE Hours