ACA Sports Council Symposium: Integrative Practice Panel
By: American Chiropractic Association

Course Description

lntegration of Chiropractic Care into Collegiate D1 Sports Medicine Team The presentation will illustrate how to implement and develop the role of a full-time chiropractic sports physician into the collegiate sports medicine staff. Topics included: chiropractic management of multiple sports teams; role of chiropractic care within the spine care pathway as it relates to sports medicine; developing profession relationships; long term goals of chiropractic within the sports medicine arena. The value of sports chiropractic care in the workplace" exploring the role of a sports chiropractor in an integrated on-site clinic. I want to share my experience as a sports chiropractic doctor working in a primary care clinic with physical therapists, pep's, and mental health professionals to help with employees of a large company and their physical and athletic injuries. The Team Approach to Athlete Care Working with Orthos, PTs, ATCs, EMTs, and Coaching Staff As a DC respect is not always given it is earned. I will talk about how to earn the respect of other professions and how to make sure we all work together for the benefit of the team. I will discuss some of the barriers I initially encountered as the new doctor to the team. Also leading up to how I eventually became Medical Director for the DC Divas. Helping them to get to 2 National Titles and invitation to the White House meeting President Obama. 

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  • ACA Sports Council Symposium: Integrative Practice Panel
  • By:    American Chiropractic Association
  • Instructor:    Moderator: Jasmine Hanson DC MS CCSP EMT-8 CAc
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