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What’s Trending in Chiropractic: The War Within and Drugged Out: Opioid and Chiropractic ​2 CEUs ​Tuesday, March 24, 2020 4:00 pm - 6:00 PM PRESENTER: Dean DePice, DC We will explore the war within and how we can choose the best responses for ideal outcomes of our community. Human nature - populations historical response to problems Host or germ - determining the priority of address in the midst of health problems Research - flawed or valued - the streetlight effect Data – how to critically assess evidence Hope - actions to take for existing problems and prevention/reduction of future problems Become equipped with the evidence and statistics of the opioid crisis and then be the provider of the truth to your peers in and out of the chiropractic profession. Learn how some states require low back pain patients to utilize chiropractic care prior to being allowed prescription for opioid and related meds. Statistics show that 8/10 opioid deaths are individuals who entered the pipeline which got them to opioid overdoses due to back pain- so this is a chiropractic issue.

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  • What’s Trending in Chiropractic:
  • By:    Tools of Practice Education (TOP)
  • Instructor:    Dean DePice, DC
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