Treating the Youth Athlete - Knoxville, TN - October 24, 2020
By: MainGate Continuing Education

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Course Title: Treating the Youth Athlete 12 Hour Course Goals or Purpose: This course is designed to provide the clinician with an introduction to the treatment of youth athletes. The course reviews physical change and the nutritional and chiropractic needs of the youth athlete. The course introduces conditioning principles for young athletes and demonstrates effective chiropractic management as it relates to youth athletic fitness. 2. Learning Objectives/Outcomes: The course is designed to provide the practicing chiropractor state required continuing education credits for postgraduate education. The purpose of the program is to bolster the knowledge of the practicing clinician in the field care of young athletes and treatment in the presence of sports injuries. The program will explore common injuries, developmental changes with age, and nutritional needs, injury prevention strategies and training safety. The course will also explore issues of ethics in chiropractic practice. The course places emphasis on the unique requirements of youth athletes compared to the general population, as well as chiropractors role in sports injury management. 3. Description of Content: The course introduces the clinician to the treatment of youth athletes. The course will review statistics associated with trauma arising from sports and training activities. Regional injuries will be identified and explained. There will be a summary of conditioning exercise options and expected outcomes. The prevention of common injuries and a safe return to activities will be the focus of this educational program. 4. Prior Level of Knowledge, Skill, or Experience Needed for Participation: This program is an intermediate course designed as an adjunct to general chiropractic practice. The course will provide clinical and practical information to the practicing chiropractor relating to the prevention of common sports injuries affecting young athletes.

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  • Treating the Youth Athlete - Knoxville, TN - October 24, 2020
  • By:    MainGate Continuing Education
  • Instructor:    Dr. Joseph Camilli
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