The Future of Neurology Now - Next Generation Neurological Treatment, Integration and Prevention
By: National University of Health Sciences

Course Description

Abstract Summary: The purpose of this lecture is to understand how cellular receptors and various treatment techniques alter neurological function. The concept of diagnosis, management and treatment along with documentation and outcome assessment with proven techniques is imperative in this lecture. Looking at genetic responses, antibody testing and basic serological testing is good for diagnostic parameters. Treatment factors such LLLT, nutrition, receptor-based therapy and joint mobilization are supportive to establish function as it pertains to correction of the physiology noted as pathological on diagnostic testing. The underlying meaning of this concept is involved in conditions that range from aging to many varieties of dementia and encephalopathies as well as an aging brain and nervous system. Main Objectives: Cellular physiology of neuronal excitotoxicity, immunology of brain function and nutritional, laser and rehabilitative concepts. Alterations in brain plasticity in mental and neurodegenerative disorders, genetic factors and antibody relationships. Comorbidities related to Brain function including hormones, gut function, inflammation, infectious disease, heavy metal issues, lipids, vascular function and receptor-based input. Simple linear models of testing, detecting and optimizing brain health with a novel and newly developed combination of photobiomodulation, biomechanical correction, brain-based exercises, nutrition and related labs and posture studies. This is a complete package with backed research and flowing treatment methodology. Be able to teach, chart, document and educate your patients while billing and scheduling appropriately. Review of medical necessity parameters for each study. Review of clinical findings to support the need and type of study. To provide case studies and clinical practice scenarios to promote proficiency pertaining to laboratory analysis.

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  • The Future of Neurology Now - Next Generation Neurological Treatment, Integration and Prevention
  • By:    National University of Health Sciences
  • Instructor:    Trevor Berry, DC, DACNB & Brandon Brock, DNP, NP-C, DC, RN, DACNB
  • Total CE Hours:    15
  • Course Format:     Live In Person Seminar
  • Course Start:    01/22/2021   06:00pm
  • Course End:    01/24/2021   09:20am
  • Time Zone:    Central
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  • Course Categories:     DC Continuing Education
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