TMR Level-2 : August 15-16, 2020 : Live-online Seminar
By: Total Motion Release Seminars

Course Description

TMR LEVEL-2 LIVE-ONLINE SEMINAR 16 credit hours * $595 Saturday @ 9 am to 6 pm Sunday @ 9 am to 4 pm Includes 8 lessons moving the patient through all 7 body positions the entire human developmental sequence and into 2 dimensions of motion. Student will be able to use it in any setting of rehab. Patient gets faster at fixing themselves. Typically 2-5 minutes. You will also learn combos, plyometrics, transitions and how to become ambidextrous. Target Audience: PT/PTA/OT/OTA/ATC Instructional Level: Intermediate Instructional Method: 80% Lab, 20% Lecture Course Goals: This continuing education course is intended to instruct the professional through further progression of the Total Motion Release concept. Prerequisites: TMR 1 Contact Hours: 16 1.6 CEU - There is no post seminar coursework required Schedule : Saturday : 8AM - 7.30PM / Sunday - 8AM - 2.30PM OVERVIEW of TMR 2 : 16 hours Total Motion Release – Level 2 will teach and provide extensive lab time for the therapist to learn the intermediate TMR Exercises Progressions of taking static body positions into motion through space, incorporate the method into athletics, plyometrics and learn how to modify the program to be used in a variety of current physical therapy techniques. In addition, therapist will learn the importance of getting rid of "jerk" tenderpoints to facilitate healing and also be taught intermediate techniques of handling patient objections and obstacles they may run into. Upon completion of TMR – 2 the participant will understand how to use the Total Motion Release in any rehab setting dealing with physical pain and physical limitations, except wound care. They will leave with a confidence of being able to handle more effectively the complex condition and better handle the complex patient. * YOU'LL BE TREATING YOURSELF. * EXPECT TO SEE DRAMATIC CHANGES IN YOUR OWN BODY. * 85% ACTIVE PARTICIPATION * GET 60-90 DAYS OF ACCESS TO ONLINE PLATFORM. * TRY IT ON PATIENTS, RE-WATCH VIDEOS, HAVE ALL FORMS AT YOUR FINGER TIPS * ABLE TO TAKE EACH SEMINAR 2 TIMES. NO EXPIRATION DATE. * MIX AND MATCH BETWEEN HOME STUDY AND LIVE ONLINE. AND RECEIVE CREDIT EACH TIME YOU TAKE IT FOR A TOTAL OF 32 CREDIT HOURS. LIVE ONLINE - MEET 2 TIMES AS A GROUP ON SATURDAY & ONE TIME ON SUNDAY TO GET ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS ONE ON ONE FEEDBACK FROM INSTRUCTOR AFTER EACH LESSON * ACCESS TO PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP Enabling Rehab Professional & The General Public To Fix Themselves & Others Faster Than 95% Of Clinicians Can!

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  • TMR Level-2 : August 15-16, 2020 : Live-online Seminar
  • By:    Total Motion Release Seminars
  • Instructor:    Tom Dalonzo Baker, MPT
  • Total CE Hours:    16
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