TMR LEVEL-1 August 15-16, 2020 : Live-Online Seminar
By: Total Motion Release Seminars

Course Description

* 16 credit hours * $595 Saturday @ 9 am to 6 pm Sunday @ 9 am to 4 pm Emphasis will be placed on developing & enhancing: 1. Patient-therapist communication skills to speed up assessment and accelerate patient learning 2. Observation skills for verbal and physical cues that accelerate pain relief. 3. Full body Awareness both in static positions and during motions for both patient and therapist. 4. The correct assessment, measurement, routine for each TMR exercise. 5. When to add alternate positions and how to progress safely. 6. Positions for a variety of dysfunctions Upon completion of TMR – 1 the participant will understand the neuromuscular basis for Total Motion Release, know how to perform a full body assessment & treatment program and have learned the TMR documentation format for reimbursement. The attendee will have experienced a new understanding of how the body heals and will be able to use this knowledge effectively to perform TMR on their patients Monday morning. This is a workshop that the participant will be the patient and will experience their own pain relief and how to fix any future issues they may have elsewhere in their body. This is the same information they will be taking home and sharing with their patients. Attendees leave with a sense of empowerment and a renewed sense that they now can teach patients how to fix themselves – even the most difficult patients. Course Outline - 16 hours • Introductions & History of Total Motion Release • A demonstration of how TMR works on all Course Participants • The importance of Following the 5 Step Process • Self Awareness of Issues in static positioning & motion • Reviewing the Issue Scale • How to Effectively Test • How to Rank exercises into the greatest to least priority. • Learning the Fabulous 5 basic exercises – single plane movements • Knowing when to continue treating. • Home exercise program & how to effectively assess for understanding • Advancing into multi-planar motions – the Wow & the Wind Up • Documentation for reimbursement • Extensive Lab time treating self, partners and groups • If time permits – introduction into TMR Level 2 & Level 3 Goals & Objectives • Understand the 3D mechanical basis Turtle Guy for Total Motion Release • Perform a full body TMR evaluation • Perform TMR treatment exercises for upper extremity, trunk and lower extremity dysfunction • Understand and be able to verbalize the 3D mechanical basis for TMR • Design & Assess home program using the TMR philosophy Detailed Total Motion Release Description Prerequisites: None 16 Contact Hours Total Motion Release - Level 1 will teach & provide extensive lab time for the therapist to learn the foundation TMR concepts, the 5 Steps to Freedom a pain relief process, the single plane Fabulous 5 exercises, the multi-planar Wow & Wind Up exercises and the home exercise assessment called the Fly on the Wall. * Includes 12 lessons Grades. Teaches the fundamentals of TMR & resetting a patients motion imbalances throughout the body and giving this skill to the patient. * The student will learn how to use the non-restricted directions of motion and non-injured joints & muscles of the body to speed up results up to 7 times faster than traditional therapy. * The student will also learn how to use the TMR concept with any technique they currently use. * With our Live online or home study seminars we use what is called a blended learning format. Instructions, Practice, Immediate Feedback & Review. You will be given a 2-3 minute video of instructions of what to do and then you will practice. Then go to the next step with a 2-3 minute video and then practice. You will be moving 80% of the time. * 16 credit hours * $595 Saturday @ 9 am to 6 pm Sunday @ 9 am to 4 pm * YOU'LL BE TREATING YOURSELF. * EXPECT TO SEE DRAMATIC CHANGES IN YOUR OWN BODY. * 85% ACTIVE PARTICIPATION * GET 60-90 DAYS OF ACCESS TO ONLINE PLATFORM. * TRY IT ON PATIENTS, RE-WATCH VIDEOS, HAVE ALL FORMS AT YOUR FINGER TIPS * ABLE TO TAKE EACH SEMINAR 2 TIMES. NO EXPIRATION DATE. * MIX AND MATCH BETWEEN HOME STUDY AND LIVE ONLINE. AND RECEIVE CREDIT EACH TIME YOU TAKE IT FOR A TOTAL OF 32 CREDIT HOURS. LIVE ONLINE - MEET 2 TIMES AS A GROUP ON SATURDAY & ONE TIME ON SUNDAY TO GET ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS ONE ON ONE FEEDBACK FROM INSTRUCTOR AFTER EACH LESSON * ACCESS TO PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP Enabling Rehab Professional & The General Public To Fix Themselves & Others Faster Than 95% Of Clinicians Can!

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  • TMR LEVEL-1 August 15-16, 2020 : Live-Online Seminar
  • By:    Total Motion Release Seminars
  • Instructor:    Tom Dalonzo Baker, MPT
  • Total CE Hours:    16
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