Stress Management Essentials - Columbia, SC - September 12, 2020
By: MainGate Continuing Education

Course Description

Course Syllabus Course Title: Stress Management Essentials 12-Hour 1. Course Goals or Purpose: This course is designed to provide the clinician with a summary the mechanisms the body employs to cope with stress, as well as addressing stress related illness and treatment methods. The course reviews protocols for prevention and introduces the clinician identification strategies and associated care options. 2. Learning Objectives/Outcomes: The course is designed to provide the practicing chiropractor state required continuing education credits for postgraduate education. The purpose of the program is to bolster the knowledge of the practicing clinician with respect to general anatomy and physiology, stress related illness, its prevention, its common treatments and its conservative management. The program will explore endocrine responses, treatment options, and prevention strategies. The course places emphasis on the unique care requirements of the high stress individual. 3. Description of Content: The course introduces the clinician to the brains response to stress, functions of the endocrine system, stress related illness, its effects on the human body and modes of treatment. The course will review statistics associated with stress. Complicating factors will be identified and explained along with a review of common illness related to stress.

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  • Stress Management Essentials - Columbia, SC - September 12, 2020
  • By:    MainGate Continuing Education
  • Instructor:    Dr. Joseph Camilli
  • Total CE Hours:    12
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