Neurology 346: The Amazing Trap
By: CCEDSeminars

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Course Description: The trapezius is a muscle that has tremendous clinical importance to the chiropractor. Dysfunction of this muscle can cause a variety of clinical conditions and be quite perplexing to the clinician. This presentation will discuss the anatomy, innervation, and function of the trapezius with clinical perspectives along the way. Course Outline: The Trapezius overview of anatomy Functional considerations Innervation Spinal accessory and the lower motor neuron Upper motor neuron regulation Clinical perspectives Frozen shoulder Cervicothoracic Dysfunction Postural considerations Learning objectives: Discuss the clinical importance of the trapezius muscle Recognize the anatomy of the trapezius Outline functional considerations Relate clinical perspectives throughout the presentation

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  • Neurology 346: The Amazing Trap
  • By:    CCEDSeminars
  • Instructor:    Michael Hall, DC, FIACN
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