Neurology 343: Pediatric Pearls from The Kids Summit 2019
By: CCEDSeminars

Course Description

Course Description: The Kids Summit originates from the creative genius of Dr. Dorte Bladt. For the past few years, she has brought together speakers from around the world to promote pediatric research. This presentation will review some of the pearls from the presentation and show how they impact chiropractic management of the pediatric patient and the research suggestions. Course Outline: Tone Axial and appendicular Identifying low versus high tone children The Importance of milestones Raising awareness of meeting developmental milestones Clinical applications for improving spinal tone Cognitive enhancement from motoric activities Incorporating movement to improve cognitive function Surviving versus thriving Ambulation and spinal health Learning Objectives: Relate the importance of milestones in pediatric patients Recognize when a child is thriving and when a child is surviving Outline the importance of tone Discuss improving spinal tone

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  • Neurology 343: Pediatric Pearls from The Kids Summit 2019
  • By:    CCEDSeminars
  • Instructor:    Michael Hall, DC, FIACN
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