Neurology 338: The Science of Happiness
By: CCEDSeminars

Course Description

Course Description: This presentation will be a fun, engaging and informative talk regarding what current science says about our “happiness”, what drives us and how we can have a more joyful life. We will discuss the neuroscience of the pleasure and reward circuits along with daily exercises and activities that we can give to our patients, staff and ourselves. Course Outline: · Define Happiness · Explain the Neurophysiology of happiness · What makes us Happy · Understand the different states of happiness Learning Objectives: · Discuss five ways to feel more joy · Explain how joy affects health · Illustrate the power of gratitude · Explain the geography of happiness

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  • Neurology 338: The Science of Happiness
  • By:    CCEDSeminars
  • Instructor:    Michael Hall, DC, FIACN
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