Medical Legal Issues in Motor Vehicle Injuries
By: American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries (AAMVI)

Course Description

Any doctor working with a personal injury case needs to understand the legal process. This includes the need for a preponderance of evidence, insurance company tactics and what the plaintiff’s attorney does. In this 15 hour continuing education course, you will learn: Insurance company tactics in personal injury cases, Legal definitions, and How to testify in arbitration, deposition and court. Course Purpose and Objective Purpose: To present the legal side of the equation Objective: Understanding the legal issues relating to documentation and to prepare the doctor do defend their documentation at each step of the legal process.. Summary Legal issues will be discussed. Colossus and similar programs will be analyzed IME’s will be addressed from the insurance company perspective and in rebuttal. Rules of evidence will be presented in terms of documentation. How to present your findings in arbitration and deposition will be presented. A Mock Trial will show how your findings can be used and used against you.

Course Details

  • Medical Legal Issues in Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • By:    American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries (AAMVI)
  • Instructor:    Dr. Bill Gallagher
  • Total CE Hours:    15
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    • Legal  -15 CE Hours