Impacting Patient Care with Chiropractic Radiology
By: SideCar, LLC

Course Description

Chiropractors have been using diagnostic imaging to rule-out pathology and to fine-tune their treatment choices for more than 100 years. But is it time to move on to advanced imaging and leave the x-ray in the dust? Detailed findings on a radiograph really do affect patient care for the DC. Dr. Rich will show you real cases sent in by chiropractors just like you. The presentations aren’t full of long list of facts about fibrous dysplasia. These lessons will allow you to work through a variety of practical cases, detecting the findings, working on description and differential diagnosis, and most importantly, discussing decision-making, discerning how the radiograph affects your Monday morning patient care.

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  • Impacting Patient Care with Chiropractic Radiology
  • By:    SideCar, LLC
  • Instructor:    Dr. Jeff Rich, DACBR
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