Functional Integrated Dry Needling for Pain Management
By: FIT Institute

Course Description

Functional Integrated Needling FIN Pain Management Training Program is to develop the knowledge and clinical skills required to effectively diagnose and treat painful neuromuscular conditions using the FIN system. This training program has been designed to ensure that clinicians will have a clear understanding of how dry needling works to manage pain at the local and central nervous system levels. Participants will be able to immediately use the FIN system as a clinically proven modality and be able to safely, comfortably and proficiently use dry needling to treat any body part including face, TMJ, neck, shoulders, elbows, upper and lower back, groin, posterior hip, knee and ankle regions for pain and neuromuscular conditions.

Course Details

  • Functional Integrated Dry Needling for Pain Management
  • By:    FIT Institute
  • Instructor:    Dr. Mark Scappaticci
  • Total CE Hours:    25
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