Educating the Lawyer, Chiropractic-Legal Ethics
By: Academy of Chiropractic

Course Description

Educating the Lawyer Chiropractic-Legal Ethics 12 “Online” Hours Faculty Mark Studin DC, FASBEC, DAAPM, DAAMLP Daniel Rosner Esq, Certified Civil Trial Attorney Pre-Test 30 Minutes Module 1 – Introduction, Documentation Standards and Chiropractic Specialities – 90 Minutes This module is an introduction to ethical reporting and the pitfalls of industry suggestions on how to re-structure your notes to maximize cases for lawyers and patients. It is a lesson on following the academic and Federal standards they are the same in the documentation of an evaluation and management visit. This module also covers the different types of specialties within the chiropractic profession compared to medicine. Module 2 – “Failure To” in Clinical Practice– 90 Minutes This module explains the clinical “academic” standards in ordering diagnostic tests and what can potentially be missed in concluding and accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. It also explains how that can be reflected in the chiropractic-legal arena and both destroy your reputation and prevent your patient from having the truth in a medical-legal arena. Module 3 – Chiropractic Credentials – 90 Minutes How to fully explain your doctoral and post-graduate credentials. Understanding the difference between “certified” and “credentialed-in.” Ensuring that you report your full credentials in a manner consistent with both your licensure board and the courts. The accurate reporting of post-doctoral courses on an admissible curriculum vitae. Module 4 – Creating Ethical Chiropractic-Legal Relationships Utilizing the Patient’s Entrance Documentation – 90 Minutes Preparing documentation that resolves; 1 Release of information 2 Right to Receive Information 3 Right to Receive Payment 4 Assignment of Rights 5 Right to Lien 6 Right for Information. These are legal standards, which guide your ethical relationships. Module 5 – Preventing and Resolving Potential Unethical Relationships – 90 Minutes This module is a lesson on the “Rules of Professional Conduct” mandated by license for lawyers. It explains why lawyers act in many circumstances and help guide you to maintain ethical chiropractic-legal relationships. Module 6 – Lien Negotiations and Documentation – 90 Minutes A significant arena in practice regarding ethics is negotiating lien settlements with understanding “anti-kickback” laws and being legally defensible in the setting of your fees. This module teaches you how to use your initial patient documentation to conclude a case and ensure you are within the ethical boundaries of getting paid. Review of Powerpoint slides for each module: 2 Hours Post Test – 30 Minutes Total Hours: 12

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  • Educating the Lawyer, Chiropractic-Legal Ethics
  • By:    Academy of Chiropractic
  • Instructor:    Dr. Mark Studin
  • Total CE Hours:    12
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