DNS for the Throwing Athlete
By: Midwest Rehabilitation Institute

Course Description

- Postural-locomotion function from a developmental perspective - Developmental kinesiology aspects for the ideal stereotype of the throwing motion - Basic core stabilization as a prerequisite for the locomotion pattern of throwing - The role of the diaphragm during both postural and respiratory function, how it play's into throwing mechanics and efficiency - Correction and training of the proper breathing stereotype - The functional differentiation of the extremities for the thrower - "Reflex Turning" and supporting function for the ipsilateral pattern during the throwing motion - DNS Active Exercise positions to train core stabilization as a prerequisite for the ideal throwing stereotype - Biomechanical and developmental kinesiology principles applied to the throwing athlete - The most frequent types of musculoskeletal dysfunction resulting from non optimal throwing stereotypes and poor methodology of training - Manual treatment, mobility/strengthening, and coordination Active Exercises from the developmental perspective in order to prepare the throwing athlete for play

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  • DNS for the Throwing Athlete
  • By:    Midwest Rehabilitation Institute
  • Instructor:    Brett Winchester, DC
  • Total CE Hours:    14
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