DNS Manual Therapy
By: Midwest Rehabilitation Institute

Course Description

At the completion of the course the student will: - Understand the role of the assessment as an audit process for manual therapy - Understand the focus of soft tissue techniques in relationship to the use of developmental positions in DNS - Understand the importance of the interaction of the CNS and the musculo-skeleto-facial system and the improvement of perception and movement - Understand the importance of restoring mobility and mobilizing various components of the rib cage and axial spine for improving respiratory strategies - Understand the importance of assessing and mobilizing different components at the four primary joint complexes of the humero/scapular and the coxo/ pelvic region, and the peripheral joint complexes - Restoration of cervical posture

Course Details

  • DNS Manual Therapy
  • By:    Midwest Rehabilitation Institute
  • Instructor:    Robert Lardner, PT
  • Total CE Hours:    14
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