Complex Brain Disorder and the Gut: Connecting the Dots
By: Texas Chiropractic College

Course Description

· Review of current scientific understanding the driving forces behind the development of Neuroinflammation: neurotoxins, autoimmunity, stress, head trauma, infections, and gut inflammation/permeability Understand how Neuroinflammation impacts brain health and the development of dementia, anxiety, and depression · Introduce the metabolic and toxic threats to the brain: Inflammation, toxins, suboptimal brain nutrients, stress, and hormonal imbalances · Overview of neurogenesis and proper brain nutrition Brief review of ketogenesis and intermittent fasting benefiting brain health Review of the current scientific understanding of the relationship between gut health and brain health Overview of the common causes of gut inflammation/permeability with a focus on infections and stealth pathogens Develop appropriate nutritional, diet, lifestyle, and herbal protocols for every case

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  • Complex Brain Disorder and the Gut: Connecting the Dots
  • By:    Texas Chiropractic College
  • Instructor:    Bob Scott
  • Total CE Hours:    8
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