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Active lumbar flexion and extension decompression device and movements are based on a new paradigm of chiropractic lumbopelvifemoral listings. The patient performs the active spinal decompressive core movements over an inexpensive foam device and watch their core begin to shake on the first rep! For many, 5 reps will feel like a lifetime to complete. You will learn new simple and original blocking techniques. These new treatments can either be used on their own or as a combined spinal treatment with the new active ultra-efficient core and hip exercises by Bycore. These movements add an active spinal support system to your practice or HEP. More efficient than other core and lumbar spinal systems including planks and more effective because the relief approaches immediate for a significant amount of acute and chronic back pain, kyphotic rigidity, or low back weakness. Used successfully with patients from youths to seniors in their 90's, the BodyFulcrum’s performance is in its simplicity of design and function. The problems with planks is the lower aspect of the lumbopelvifemoral listing, includes hip flexor tightness. After lunch: A new series of hip exercises that both utilizes and compliments the new lumbopelvifemoral listings. BodyFulcrum® is also used as a deep gluteal and IT Band self-trigger-point therapy while you perform new hip exercises while laying on it. Extremity friendly, this presentation will introduce active and passive myofascial release techniques to the major muscles involved with the lumbopelvifemoral listings using a Vibracussor, Arthrostim, slant boards, or manual percussive motions: psoas, iliacus, obturator internus, piriformis, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calf releases. Standing, standing gait, seated, side lying, prone patient positions for extreme antalgic situations. Simple manual treatment of the SC joint and its role in shoulder treatment. A single new and highly effective rotator cuff and shoulder exercise that incorporates the cervicobrachial region to strengthen the chronic neck to scapular region that haunts so many of our patients. A second simple anterior shoulder exercise for biceps tendon problems. These home or office therapeutic exercises can focus on the posterior neck and upper back pain as well as rotator cuff injuries and treatment for them with this missing link exercise. Joanna Rubini will be assisting with the presentation by demonstration and with the training of course materials.

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  • BodyFulcrum
  • By:    Tools of Practice Education (TOP)
  • Instructor:    Thomas Walko, DC, MS, CCN
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