Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 301 - 304
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Course Description

Describe the role of a Health Care Provider as Certified Examiner for DOT Physicals Summarize the components of a detailed patient history and examination pertinent to the DOT physical based on the FMCSA guidelines Evaluate the conditions identified during the history and physical exam with the FMCSA standards for driving status Outline medical conditions identified in FMCSA guidelines pertaining to the ability to operate commercial vehicles eg. driving and lifting Identify various health conditions that require further evaluations & testing and monitoring based on the FMCSA guidelines. Educational Objectives: Hour 1: Identify the requirements to become a National Registry Certified Medical Examiner Report Completed CDL Exams to the National Registry Obtain a CLIA Certificate of Waiver Specify Commercial Driving Licenses, vehicles, commerce, standards and medical guidance requirements and definitions Hour 2: Summarize the Medical Examiner Role and Responsibilities Assist Drivers in filling out the driver portions of the Medical Exam Report Form Complete and review the Medical Exam Report Form Issue a Medical Examiner’s Certificate Hour 3: Review medication use by drivers Assess driver general health and wellness factors and medical condition health risk Perform the physical examination of a driver of commercial vehicles Evaluate Vision disorders related to driving a commercial vehicle Hour 4: Calculate ANSI, ISO, and Whisper hearing testing values Perform external and otoscopic evaluation related to driving requirements Appraise driver ear disorders that affect safe driving Evaluate drivers with hypertension for driving a commercial vehicle Hour 5: Perform the cardiovascular examination for drivers Assess cardiovascular disease in drivers of commercial vehicles Determine acceptable cardiovascular safe driving risk for drivers Assign medical certificate duration for drivers with cardiovascular disease Hour 6: Evaluate drivers with Cardiac Arrhythmias, pacemakers, implanted defibrillators Recall driving requirements for arrhythmias, syncope, transplants Distinguish cardiovascular medication effects that are a risk to safe driving Determine driving status and duration for safe driving Hour 7: Apply Respiratory guidance for drivers with respiratory disease Conduct the respiratory and sleep apnea exam and evaluation Determine which drives must be tested and treated for OSA Assess Obstructive Sleep Apnea safety risk in drivers Hour 8: Assess the drivers neurological history Determine neurological driving safety risk according to FMCSA guidance Explain severity’s affect on driving status from cerebrovascular, head trauma and spinal cord injuries on driving status Assess driver eligibility for a Federal Seizure disorder exemption. Hour 9: Appraise diabetes in drivers of commercial vehicles Determine driving status and duration according to FMCSA guidance for drivers with diabetes Evaluate risk to safe driving for drivers with other endocrine disorders and other diseases without specific FMCSA guidelines in drivers Recall classifications of hypoglycemic medications and their impact on safe driving Hour 10: Differentiate between psychological disorders affecting drivers Identify medical treatment and therapy for psychological disorders Recall disqualifying psychological disorders for drivers of commercial vehicles Appraise medications for psychological disorders for safe driving risk Hour 11: Discuss the FMCSA musculoskeletal standard and guidelines Determine those drivers eligible for a Special Performance Examination Apply the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol testing to drivers and motor carriers Asses drivers to refer for substance abuse professional evaluation Hour 12: Review FMCSA provided practice scenarios Derive FMCSA evaluation procedure as provided in practice scenarios Apply FMCSA evaluation concepts to drivers as contained in FMCSA practice scenarios Prepare for the FMCSA Certification Test

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  • Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 301 - 304
  • By:, A Division of OnlineContinuingEd, LLC
  • Instructor:    Michael Megehee, DC
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