2019 Interdisciplinary Spine Conference: Spinal Stenosis
By: National University of Health Sciences

Course Description

Description:  THE AUDIENCE: Intended attendees are healthcare and spine care providers of all disciplines to join this exchange of ideas to benefit suffering patients with relief of pain due to spinal stenosis. The audience will be as diverse as the presenters. This weekend is designed to bring together spine care providers from all fields who care for spinal stenosis sufferers experiencing a myriad of issues - back pain, neck pain, sciatic leg pain, arm pain, chronic pain, depression, incontinence, balance and gait issues, and more – to better manage these patients from all aspects.  THE VISION: This interdisciplinary spine conference is Dr. James Cox's concept, a coming-together of spine care providers to discuss the growing incidence of spinal stenosis. Dr. Cox will open the conference with a discussion of the current status of research regarding spinal stenosis: its treatment options and outcomes.  THE METHOD: Moderated by Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox® Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression Spinal Manipulation, clinical applications, protocols and outcomes are presented by speakers; research outcomes are presented; situations of healthcare multidisciplinary inclusion of Cox® are described by attendees.  THE FOCUS: This weekend’s forum is a coming together of spine specialists to discuss spinal stenosis is all its forms and treatments and know more about what fellow spine care provider colleagues do and how they all fit into the spinal stenosis treatment system for the benefit of patients. And proceeds from the weekend will go to spinal research. Goals/Objectives: At the end of the course, the attendee will  Describe how fellow spine specialists work in interdisciplinary/integrative practices with other healthcare providers.  List various surgical and non-surgical approaches appropriate for spinal stenosis patients.  List three healthy approaches to preventing back pain and improving the quality of life for spinal stenosis patients.  Name a few signs of depression in spinal stenosis patients and how to help them with referral or other approach.  Describe a new way to measure balance issues in spinal stenosis patients and how to correct them.  Recognize the variety of spine surgery approaches for spinal stenosis.  Understand a new approach to help alleviate incontinence related to spinal stenosis or other issues.  Understand how spine stimulators are implanted and are designed to help control spinal stenosis pain.  Name a few of today’s most prescribed pain medications for spinal stenosis pain control.  Witness a patient under current care for spinal stenosis with Cox Technic.  Hear how training of spine specialists benefits both the doctors and patients  Describe how physical therapists approach spinal stenosis care.

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  • 2019 Interdisciplinary Spine Conference: Spinal Stenosis
  • By:    National University of Health Sciences
  • Instructor:    James M Cox DC DACBR; Kurt Olding DC DACO; George Joachim DC DABCR; Ralph Kruse DC FACO, Rudy Kachmann MD; James Dozier MD, Robert Shugart MD, Daniel Nolan MD; Donald Urban MD; Michael Schneider DC PHD; Christopher Bise DPT; Lee Hazen DC; Gregory Sowles PhD LMHC
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