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Brain Therapy Modules 2019 #2

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Event date: 1/25/2020 - 1/26/2020 Export event



    This class is a class for practitioners to refresh, revitalize and renew their sense of importance for the neurological evaluation of a patient. Some practitioners speak highly of the nerve system when speaking about what they do; however, very few of them truly analyze or evaluate the very system they speak of. Documentation of the nerve system evaluation, what is seen, preformed and tested, is an important key that one cannot miss. One cannot prove, disprove or improve that which he cannot measure. By reviewing the nerve system components, measuring it and putting together how it connects with the areas of the body, how each system interrelates and what other tests might be needed we can properly arrive at the precise problem(s). We use patient’s objective measures through our testing to understand each patient’s condition completely and comprehensively in order to properly diagnose. From the diagnosis we can then start formulating a plan on whether we can help this patient or not. The communication to each patient during the education processes, in regards to their health problem(s) and the nerve system, is crucial and can make the patient want services or reject services.

    Our primary goal is for each attendee to regain the appreciation for the nervous system and most importantly how to measure it!


      Module 2 – The Brain Cortex and IBT (Cerebellum) (2-Day Intensive


    1.Basic overview of Module 1:


     Introduction to Neurology with review of module #1

    120 min


    2.Posture 120 min


    Advanced Pettibon with adjustments

    -z Y strap weighting protocols

    • Neurological assessment
    • Posture Correction System
    • Neuromuscular re-education
    1. Gait 120 min


    • Assessment/analysis
    • Breakdown of gait patterning
    • Gait rehabilitation protocols
    1. Movement Disorders 120 min


    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Parkinsons
    • Dystonia

    6.Diagnosis and Rehab of the lobes of the brain 120 min


    • Frontal, Temporal, Parietal, Occipital
    • Lobular metrics
    • Lobe-specific treatments

    7. Management and treatment of  Baseline


    • Whiplash of cervical and lumbar spine
    • Case reviews
    • 120 min



    © 2019 Pettibon Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.

    InstructorDr. Ian Horseman Dr. Chris Cohen
    Subject BreakdownModule 1 – Introduction to Neurology /FOCUS ON Concussions(2-Day Intensive 12 hours) 1. INTRODUCTION 60 minutes What is Pettibon Intergrated Brain Therapy Introduction to conceps neuro-anatomy 2. Balance 120 min • Bipedal importance and cost • Assessment of static and dynamic balance • Therapies and their practical application • Calorics • Proprioception testing and treatment • Turn test • Blind Spots • Cerebellar review and function 3. Posture 120 min • Neurological assessment • Posture Correction System • Pettibon introduction • Headweights/fulcrums sacral wedge wobble chair Neuromuscular re-education Xray analysis 3. Gait 120 min • Assessment/analysis • Breakdown of gait patterning • Gait rehabilitation protocols 4. Concussion management and diagnosis 180 min Return to play protocols stacked lesions vs unstacked vision therapy -eyelights CSF flow and treatment of the skull Tentorial Shift 6 Breathing and rib adjustments 60 min 7 Nutrition of the brain 60 min
    Total Credits12.00
    FormatIn person - Live
    Co-sponsor or PartnerThe Pettibon Institute
    Pettibon Institute

    Pettibon InstitutePettibon Institute

    Our Mission:

    To Educate and Advance Practitioners' Ability to Deliver Lasting Spine and Posture Correction

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