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Cardiovascular: Performance, Endurance, Maintenance

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Event date: 4/8/2019 - 4/8/2020 Export event

    􀁽 3 Overview of Cardiovascular Disease (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2127)
    􀁣 Hypertension - A Reading on a Machine, Not a Disease (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2181)
    􀁣 Non-linear Relationship Between Mortality and Blood Pressure (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2182)
    􀁀 Treatment Blood Pressure Targets for Hypertension (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2179)
    􀁀 No Bene􀃑t in Lowering BP Below "Standard" 140/90 mm Hg (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2180)
    􀁣 Scienti􀃑c Evidence Underlying the ACC_AHA Clinical Practice Guidlines (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2184)
    􀁣 Study Questions Evidence Behind Heart Therapies (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2185)
    􀀿 4 Circulatory Health - Stroke (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2137)
    􀁀 Stroke Facts (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2142)
    􀁣 Understanding Cholesterol (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2145)
    􀀎 Harvard Study - Curbing Clots (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2144)
    􀁀 The Vitamin P Group of the C Complex (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2146)
    􀁀 Block That Stroke (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2147)
    􀁀 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (https://wholefoodeducation.talentlms.com/unit/view/id:2148)

    InstructorMicheal Gaeta
    About the InstructorP R O F E S S I O N A L E X P E R I E N C E Hands-On Health Wholistic Centers 1990 - 2011 Founder, Practitioner. Created a successful outpatient integrative wellness and healthcare facility with three locations in New York. Treated patients with a wide range of health concerns using acupuncture, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine and Asian bodywork therapy. Staff also includes two acupuncturists, two massage therapists, a chiropractor, and a physician. Sold practice to the physician in 2009. Created business systems, operations manual, promotional materials, website content, created a healthy, positive clinic culture. Gaeta Communications, LLC. Founder, President michaelgaeta.com, cliniciansmastermind.com Presented at schools & conferences throughout the US 1996 - present ● Success with Natural MedicineTM: Clinical Application of Nutritional & Herbal Formulas, Diet and Lifestyle One of the top national speakers for Standard Process & Mediherb (2001-present) ● Love, Serve and Succeed®: Practice Success for Health Professionals ● Clinician’s Mastermind Circle: one-year certification program in natural functional medicine ● Distance learning programs which improve patient care and practice success
    Subject BreakdownCardiovascular Endurance, Performance, Maintenance is a recap of Mark Anderson's BTS 2015 Seminar, condensed and presented by Dr. Michael Gaeta. Practitioners wanting to deepen their knowledge of all aspects of cardiovascular health or those utilizing a Heart Sound Recorder in clinical practice would benefit
    Total Credits9.00
    FormatDistance - On-demand
    Course OutlineHr by Hr Cardiovascular Performance, Endurance, Maintenance.pdf
    Co-sponsor or PartnerN/A
    Categories: Nutrition
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