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Living the Dream by Getting Educated and Getting Confident

Event date: 1/11/2019 - 1/12/2019 Export event

Event Location: TLC Course

A healthy, confident, educated community makes decisions that are life saving. 

Overview of Course:

·         Present research done in the medical model that acknowledges the public demand for a non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical option for care and particularly the public’s demands for chiropractic.  To critically evaluate research and the perspectives from which it is performed, recorded, written and interpreted.

·         Study and assess research for its merits and shortfalls in an unbiased round table facilitation thus forcing the participants to form their own positions on assessment and defense according to their perspectives.

·         Facilitate the reading of research in group in order to attempt to assess the intentions (objectives) and impressions (findings) of the researcher, and the effects which the objectives of the researcher and team (potentially) has on the results achieved within the studies presented.  We will train participants in how to determine if research is valid or flawed and whether it’s basis for study are cause or effects centered (maintaining that both have merit).

·         Position the usefulness of science to the practicing doctors, both in research and in practice as not merely a means for information but enhanced patient outcomes and engagement.

·         Intensify our profession’s support for more research in wellness care and vitalistic models not merely pain models.  To facilitate the participants to propose paths of intended study and research based on information they determine as critically important to the benefit of the patients as well as the chiropractic profession as it labors to move forward and prove usefulness.

·         Apply this information directly to patient benefits within “real-time” passages.  To perform exercises in discussing and debating how knowledge, positioning of interpretation of research, use of research and propagation of new research can benefit a patient’s recovery to strengthen the participant’s ability to debate, discuss and intelligently critique research for its authenticity, quality, application and usefulness.

InstructorDr. Scott Martin and Dr. Gary Shoemaker
About the InstructorDr. Scott Martin After completing a degree in Zoology from The University of Toronto in 1981, Scott enrolled at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) graduating in 1985. His wife Deb graduated from the Chiropractic Assistant program at CMCC that same year and they had the wonderful privilege of working together until their first child was born. Anxious to start practice, Scott signed a ten year lease before writing board exams and in June of 1985 opened Martin Chiropractic in Oshawa, Ontario, where the first patient knocked on the door while the paint was still wet! In 1989 Dr. Greg Martin (Scott’s brother) joined the office and together they have grown a large and vibrant family based practice, providing principled Chiropractic care to their community. There are many facets required to be successful in life and practice and Scott’s expertise is teaching. Striving to communicate effectively in a way that is not only educational but transformational is a constant pursuit, whether speaking with friends, family, patients or colleagues, motivating them to be leaders in their circles of influence. Scott & Deb were married in 1982 and have three children. They are very active in teaching and leadership roles in their local church as well as para-church ministries. Dr. Gary Shoemaker Dr Gary Shoemaker Dr Shoemaker’s expertise is in teaching chiropractic principles and procedures. He delivers content in an organized manner that leaves the class participants fulfilled and ready to implement procedures in practice. Dr Shoemaker addresses questions that are relevant for the practicing chiropractor and his teaching style is clear and confident.
Subject BreakdownHealth reform, self reform 1.5 hours War within 1 hour The time is now for chiropractic 1 hour Chiropractic on the principle of revolution 1 hour Critical thinking 1.5 hours
Total Credits6.00
FormatIn person - Live

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Living the Dream by Getting Educated and Getting Confident (1/11/2019 - 1/12/2019)