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Providers of Approved Continued Education

Chiropractic PACE

Providers of Approved Continuing Education


PACE (Providers of Approved Continuing Education) is the signature program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board (FCLB). The resonating mission of the FCLB is to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to their member boards. The FCLB encourages regulatory boards to employ best practices in public protection, communicate and network to improve capability, develop consistency in standards, and envision a plan for the future.

A large part of this protection is the promotion and facilitation of the PACE chiropractic continuing education program. PACE recognized continuing education courses promote quality chiropractic continuing education programs, provide reliable and scientifically sound educational updates, help chiropractors remain current on licensing and new, effective clinical protocols, and help practitioners avoid isolation through peer-related educational activities.

The PACE continuing education program streamlines chiropractic continuing education course requirements and is administered by the FCLB. The PACE program reduces onerous paperwork and review processes, provides reliable reports on fulfillment of re-licensing requirements, and helps boards replace with audits for compliance.

A primary focus of the PACE continuing education program was to streamline this essential regulatory requirement. Before PACE, there was little consistency in chiropractic continuing education approval processes.

Through this program, PACE achieves excellence in maintaining consistency for regulatory boards, providers, chiropractic practitioners, and professional associations.

Snapshot of PACE Benefits:

For CE Providers – single, simplified application process, uniform criteria for approval, automatic course approval, professional credibility.

For Regulatory Boards – economies of scale, informed, professional evaluations, automatic credit reporting, simplified CE approval process.

For Practicing D.C.s – automatic attendance verification, easy course searching, simplified course assessment, the affirmation of quality!

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The Integrity
of PACE for Chiropractic
Continuing Education

PACE and the FCLB's Mission
To Protect the Public:
Promotes quality CE
Helps D.C.s connect with scientifically sound, reliable education
Effective CE helps D.C.s remain current
To Serve Our Member Boards:
Reduces onerous paperwork and review processes
Provides reliable reports on relicensure requirement fulfillment

The Integrity of PACE for Chiropractic Continuing Education

To present transparency and instill a professional level of excellence, integrity, and continuity, PACE structures its overall program with sophistication and credibility. The FLCB is responsible for the overall PACE program, grants final approval to recognized providers, oversees the appeals process, and ratifies decisions about policies and criteria from the PACE committee.

The second level within the PACE administrative structure is the PACE committee. This committee is made up of six members (two regulatory board persons, the FCLB Director, one licensing board administrator, one at-large member, and one chair of the PACE review team). The committee oversees the PACE Review Team and makes recommendations to the FCLB Board.

The PACE Review Team is a collection of education experts nominated by ACC college presidents and former regulators to serve within the PACE review capacity. Three randomly selected review team members are responsible for assessing the continuing education provider applications and determine the ability to comply with PACE policies, procedures, and criteria.