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PACE Acceptance by boards is defined as recognizing the criteria of PACE as sufficient to meet board standards so that PACE-Recognized providers may receive CE course credit approval without individual course application and fee submission. Note that specific subjects or formats (such as online programs) may be prohibited by board statute, rule, or regulation.

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Board Reference
Alaska Adopted 10-05: 12AAC 16.340
Idaho Board vote of September 28, 2005
Indiana Board decision under IC 25-1-4-0.5
Iowa 645-44.3 (1)
Kansas Policy Statement #06-02
Maine Adopted per board discretion 1-18-2006
Massachusetts 233 CMR 3.00
Minnesota Provisions in place 4-25-2006
Montana Per Board decision 8-11-2006
Nebraska 172 NAC 29 29-008.2B, Item 4
Nevada Board decision per NAC 634.385 2(e)(1)(II)
New Jersey
NJAC 13:44E-1A.5(d)-(f)
New Mexico (D) (5)
North Carolina Board decision 5-19-2006
North Dakota Board decision 7-2-2007
Ohio OAC 4734 - 7 7 02 (I)
Oregon 811-015-0025
South Carolina Professional Practices 25-5, effective date 2-2-2006
South Dakota 20:41:08:01
Policy Statement - 2/20/2014
Utah R156-73-303b (1) (b) (iv)
Vermont Board policy 5-7-2006
Per board vote 2/19/2015
Rules chapter 4, section 3
Puerto Rico Reglamento Educacion Continea, 2005
Nova Scotia Board decision 9-1-2005
Note: Per rule change, Arizona no longer accepts PACE.
Per a re-interpretation of their laws, Oklahoma requires CE applications be submitted directly to the board
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